Sunday, July 09, 2006

NY- Landmarc

A $10,000 chandelier hangs above the bar. The bartender's training hails from the "cocktail" movie school of bartending, not that he practices any of his tricks here.

Landmarc is simple in its decoration because it focuses all its emphasis in the food it serves. unpretentious dishes abound with interesting flavor combinations. On this evening, i selected and ate a marvelous chimichurri steak salad, perfect for a warm New York evening. The wine is well-priced here and the Riesling was a perfect choice with its sweet, crisp peach notes. The tuna was also tasty and we capped the meal with a smorgasbord of desserts such as a delectable chocolate mousse, a creamy milk chocolate ice cream cone and a warmed blueberry crisp.

Service on the other hand was difficult. Our server was annoyingly visible often at our table and when our order came out it was incomplete because of a snafu, which meant that one of our party sat and waited while giving his okay for us to commence without him. The server then passed us off to another server, disappearing with us wondering if he was gone for the night. Landmarc's food shines in a way that would make me come back but ask for a different server.

  • PRICE: $-$$
  • SERVICE: Not Great
  • GROUP FRIENDLY: Great for small groups or one-on-ones
  • COOL QUOTIENT: in the fabulous Tribeca district


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