Monday, July 10, 2006

NY- Django

Part spectacle, part magic, Django puts on a great performance in the way of the great restaurants. I walked by and the simple sway of font used in the restaurant's placard outside wooed me inside. I surveyed the menu and made a mental note that come hell or high water I would come back to Django before my stay in New York came to an end.

And so it was that we made our way back to Django this evening. The dimly lit foyer invites you to step out of the noise of the everyday and into a new world, a mysterious world. We scaled our way upstairs and were seated along the wall- one long window. We had entered a realm where the servers are cognizant of your every need but a whisper's presence. I felt my voice dropping in pitch, taking on an air of quiet confidence. We skipped the appetizer course and moved straight to the main course. I ordered the angus beef "toro" tajine that had so enticed me from the menu the evening before and it did not disappoint.

Adding to the quiet spectacle atmosphere, they brought out my tajine with a white circus top cover, rimmed with a brick red edge. With flourish, the server removed the lid, almost eliciting the response of "ooh" from my mouth. Lemongrass scented basmati rice formed a column in the middle of the stew, crowned with preserved lemon and a mound of mango chutney atop. The stew was rich with spice and flavor including toasted almond pieces, sultanas, sweet pearl onions and chickpeas.

At the end of the meal, there was silence- the silence that comes when all your senses are sated. Dessert was ho hum, but the tajine, service and atmosphere more than made up for it. Django did not disappoint.

  • NOISE LEVEL: Quiet
  • PRICE: $$-$$$
  • SERVICE: Great
  • GROUP FRIENDLY: Great for groups or one-on-ones
  • COOL QUOTIENT: A fabulous place for a special occasion.


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