Tuesday, July 11, 2006

NY- Candle 79

What started out as a simple meet and greet reception became one of the best vegetarian experiences I've experienced yet.

The reception was hosted by the company that plans and organizes the Natural Products shows on both the West Coast and East Coast, so of course a restaurant with a focus on premium vegetarian and healthy fare was a must. Candle 79 is by far the most chic vegetarian restaurant I have encountered. The bar boasts organic wines, juices, tonics, smooth sippers and sake specialties. I ordered an elderberry elixir with a slightly tart profile, sweetened with agave nectar.

Servers walked around with platters of bite-sized morsels such as spoons of wild mushrooms, nori rolls with brown rice and a tofu sour cream, mini black bean burgers and fried purses with mushrooms inside. My favorite by far had to be the seitan skewer with a citrus chimichurri sauce. The chocolate cake was too dry but the "cheezcake" bite was lemony and bright.

We enjoyed our noshes in the front room. I had a great conversation with the founder of YaYa's RawRah and a woman who does professional demo'ing of Sahale nut mixes among other products. A great meal of bites accompanied by a great conversation of likeminded food-businesspeople. I snatched up a cookbook for future inspired meals.

  • PRICE: $$-$$$
  • SERVICE: Great
  • GROUP FRIENDLY: Great for groups or one-on-ones
  • COOL QUOTIENT: Absolutely THE chic spot for vegetarian cuisine.


Blogger Virginia Miller said...

LOVE your food website! VERY much up my alley. Have you been to the classic Gramercy Tavern in NYC? A long time favorite there, it is still easily one of the best meals I've ever had.

I really want to visit ad hoc in Yountville before it turns into the burger spot. Are you planning any day excursion there this Fall? Dan and I would be game if we could work out a time we're free to gather some fellow foodies and go...

1:31 PM  

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