Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Las Vegas- Wynn- Corsa Cucina

We happened upon Corsa Cucina unexpectedly. After a long day, there is nothing quite so comforting as Italian cuisine. Perhaps it involves the rich deep flavors of roasted tomatoes combining with the ready companion basil that causes conversation to take a pause. Located within the new and posh for Las Vegas Wynn Resort, the colors of tomato red and deep chocolate browns and dark wood combine with light fixtures which are reminiscent of spaghetti noodles dripping down from the ceilings. Even the decor makes you want to pull up a chair and pick up a fork. We approached this meal as a family affair, agreeing to several menu options that would appease our hungry appetites.

As we waited for our salads and starters, we munched on pepperoni rolls and olive rolls. Apart from the typical caesar salad and mozzarella di buffala (caprese-style salad) we enjoyed a platter of their antipasti and the corsa salad composed of spinach, corn, goat cheese and balsamic vinaigrette. Among our entrees we ordered two of their popular wood-fired pizzas, one with wild mushrooms and truffle oil drizzled on top, and the other with grilled shrimp, tomato confit and arugula- the tastier and more fully rounded, flavor-wise of the two. I was most interested in their short rib of beef ragu, which did not disappoint. Lush and hearty, the ragu was offset by shaved parmesan reggiano and mezza penne pasta. This is the kind of dish that if you were alone at home, you could lick the bowl clean.

Even with our sweet tooths, we finished our meal on a savory note, sated and happy.

  • NOISE LEVEL: Loud, due to both club-like techno music and other patrons
  • PRICE: $$$
  • SERVICE: Good
  • GROUP FRIENDLY: Small groups and one-on-ones
  • COOL QUOTIENT: Cool enough for Steve Wynn.


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